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Interestingponen , ganadora del oscar penelope y javier pero darin es mejor actor que todo el elenco juntoAzerbaycandan salamlarWhat is the song at the beginningTake me out to the blackWatch, Todos, lo… saben... DownloadTodos, lo & saben, moviescounter


Watch, Todos, lo saben? Online. Free, StreamingTodos lo & saben. free! OnLinE & no… sign? upMUUURRRPPPHHHH!!!nice....Did they.. just.. make a whole trailer that built suspense, showed the quality of the movie but didn't give away any real plot points? Theyre learning..Muero por verla!!Mi Dios del cielo, Cruz, Bardem y DARIN.....!!!!! :O :O :O


Watch. Todos! lo, saben, movie, watchi'm a leaf on the wind... oops, wrong Serenity...Video game made by his son. Like this if you get what I mean by that


I just read a review and it's literally being called one of the worst movies ever. I read the synopsis and it sounds horrible.


This isn’t the firefly movie... must be a glitch in the matrix. Keep asking questions.

This is an example of a real trailer. Not those trailers who shows every part of the movie, from start, rising action, climax, and to ending.He is trying to make films in other countries and culturs but he cant speak english...i mean he doest even try to speak english....Pues pienso que a pesar de que esta muy bien ver las pelis en casa. Antes sentíais una conexión con la gente en cine no se era como tener un sentimiento colectivo que al mismo tiempo te deja con una cierta energía . Alegre triste o esperanzada. Sientes la energía del público..

My God, this movie will piss off a ton of people, hahaha! Be warned, the movie is NOTHING like the trailer. SPOILERS BELOW: The whole thing is a damn videogame. Yep, that's right. Matthew's character is just a game character as he's not real. The whole thing is a game played by a kid ( yes, his mother is Anne Hathaway's character ) where he's finding ways to kill his stepfather in real life. Matthew's character is based on the kid's father who died a long time ago. So, everyone else is basically NPC in the kid's game..

Surely this movie wins many awards💖1stI got a Dunkirk feeling out of this.




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